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Got questions about air duct cleaning and maintenance for homes and offices?

When is the right time for my air duct replacement?

You should start thinking about replacing your old air duct the moment you notice any malfunctions in its system. For instance, leaky air ducts can pose severe risks. As a result, ask for professional help. The sooner, the better!

How can I improve my indoor air quality?

In order to improve your indoor air quality, technicians at Air Duct Cleaning Santa Ana recommend a frequent air filters cleaning. In addition to this, you will manage to keep yourself far from respiratory infections or allergies that can show up sooner or later.

When should I replace filters?

Actually, you don't need to replace air duct filters often unless they're damaged in any way. Yet, they will need good cleaning. Though, HVAC air filter cleaning must take place more often and since these filters are more sensitive, you should replace them even if damaged partially.

Are the air duct systems at home and in the office different?

Although they generally work in a similar fashion, there are differences with their overall systems. For one, office air ducts are more complex and require servicing more often. The materials and products used in the office are for industrial purposes.

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